Silence a Bygone

Do you think it’s our mistake?

If we are silent about everything,

Or do you think we could have our stake,

If we spoke out our mind about anything?

If we didn’t express anger or rage,

Or we didn’t express love and passion,

Wouldn’t we be on the foolish page,

And life be carried on in the same fashion.

Instead of living in world of regret,

Which can be contradicting as well,

Should we allow ourselves to beget

In this world that runs parallel.

Do you think we need to speak our mind?

Or we should remain silent only,

Do you think it will leave our virtue behind?

And we will be left either happy or lonely?

Yeah, we need to verify the circumstance,

Before we decide if our tongue speaks or not,

Life is a fiddler, we must take the chance,

It’ll be a good or bad lesson, that we’re taught.

So what is it that you plan to do?

Wait for the right time and just tread on,

I bequeath a happy peace to you,

Just for you, silence is like death, a bygone.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Unravel in Disgust

There he was hovering around a woman

Scanning her body head to toe

Stuck his eyes at her bosom

Quivering, he wanted it so.

Followed her everywhere through the store

Pretending to shop when she looked at him furious

He kept doing it all the more

That’s it! She stood in front of him pretty serious.

‘Haven’t you seen a woman before?

Did you get a good look?’ she asked

He didn’t know how to get out of the store

She took him up to a task.  

“ I was not looking at you” he swore

He didn’t have the slightest shame,

He glanced at her head to toe once more

This time, touching his penis in mighty acclaim!

“How about you touch yourself more?

Maybe you’re still fired up down there?

Let’s have the police help you score,

Just once fair and square!”

He denied looking at her again,

This time he took an oath on his mother

Gosh, such a filthy bloody bargain,

He crucified her to the dirt filled gutter.

 He had no courtesy to apologize,

Instead his friend asked him to be more careful

She walked off with anger in her eyes

In desperate urge, he was not fearful.

As the security witnessed the sight

No one had any action done

And again she saw him eye another woman in might

He unravels in disgust under the same sun.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

How was your day?

Hello there! Do you read me?

Are you happy today?

Can you dance around in glee?

Or do you choose not to say?

Well, I hope you can lay down peaceful

And probably sip on a glass of wine

The medicine is embedded in people

Close to you, frank and fine.

Is your workplace easy going

Or is it a mess with horrible bosses

I’m on an errant path unknowing

Just conversing as we may have the same losses.

Maybe you could cook some dinner,

Or catch up on the movie you’ve long awaited on,

Make yourself feel like the winner

Get your game face on.

How about a romantic night,

Candle light or a beach walk,

Lulled in floral delight

Wrapped in sweet talk?

Ah, I am just listing possibilities

Who am I to say

So just grab all of your opportunities,

So really, how was your day ?

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

12 years

Its 12 long years since the first jitters

I’ve had when a boy held my hand

As sharply as I recall the letters

Of his name, it’s like time’s got a magic wand.

They say the first time is worth it

Always stays etched in ones heart

I guess my brain cant erase this bit

It’s etched into the memory like some art.

At times I drift off and recall the moments

They were so blissful and full of love

And mixed with so many other components

Simplicity just follows the above.

I could still go so weak in the knees

If I see him and his charming smile

It’s like the roots of the ancient trees

We go back together every mile.

Through the good and bad, up and down

We’ve been there and done that, almost

We’re the rebels with the dainty crown

We’ll probably stay the same even as ghosts.

12 years and still powering through

There are some things I wish I had done

I dont think there’ll ever be an end to you

It’s always going to be where we first begun.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Strangers in the room

Do we know each other at all ?

I’m starting to doubt it now

‘Cause I am the one taking the fall,

When in reality we both took the vow.

I look towards you in earnest hope

Trying to catch your gaze,

But my mind screams of no scope

No way to get out of this maze.

You dont connect to mind heart anymore

I dont see your emotion towards me

I want to walk out of the damn door

I don’t know why I’m tied down to thee.

We dont speak at all these days

Not even feel the presence there

My eyes wonder but tongue fails to praise

The unending sorrow that dwells everywhere.

I have a responsibility to our daughter

I cannot allow myself to let her down

But is fair to swim in drowning water

And make her wear my shallow crown?

Unhappy is the milestone we have reached

And this goal was never listed in our vows

This distance now cannot be breached

We’re strangers in the same room as love allows.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

To my Daughter – Beth

You’re as beautiful as a pearl

You’re the best I ever could get

You’re the perfect flower unfurl

You’re my blessing met.

I need you to be as brave as you can be

To face all difficulties with a smile

Remember nothing is beyond thee,

Lord almighty to help you walk each mile.

Never think too little of yourself

Always know you are precious than everything

Never determine your life on the shelf

Hold your world on a shiny string.

No one can ever judge you around

And no one can decide who you want to be

As long as you’re right, stand your ground

Be humble and let your spirit free.

Dont ever look down on the poor

And dont bow down to the rich

Leave their soul happier than before

It doesn’t matter you encounter which.

Lastly, you need to stand strong and stand tall

Keep your head up in the clouds,

Remember to never take a wrongful call

And always know I’ll be your fairy in every crowd.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

To the man I have loved before

It is the best feeling in the world

To know I wake up beside you every day

The morning dew is dim and pearled

It should remain this way, I pray.

When you don’t look at me as I speak

Or even listen to what I say

The joy of life is gibberish like Greek

I know someday your heart will stay.

Looking at the little girl we made

I secretly wish she grows up to be like you

Like a pearl that is now a silver blade

Charming and sharp, and admirable too.

If it weren’t for you, I’d be a wreck

Lost some place that had no way back

Playing without an ace in the deck

You rescued my entire pack.

I feel the need to grab your attention

The desire to see you watch me sway

Do I really have to mention

I see your eyes just linger away.

I have asked for a little more love

And a little more is all I do for you

I could change my raven heart to a dove

If you give me some more of you.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)