The scurrying masses at airports hold numerous stories unheard to all of mankind. As we glanced through the people who welcomed their families and friends in delight; lost among the moving crowd were a teary eyed mother and her two daughters who had arrived for the funeral of her husband and their father. Embracing them with open arms and a shoulder to hold on to, they walked past the gleeful troupe and wept in demise. A week back, excitement fluttered in their voices because they were coming for a vacation and to celebrate his birthday while now tables have turned and their vacation is churned to a funeral. Their father was a man of principle and high morality. He believed in living for today in a simple yet sophisticated manner. Sorted in all endeavours, and hardworking at all roads; he made ends meet dutifully without giving anyone a chance to complain. Remembering him as a friend is one of the best blessings everyone has received because he overflowed with sensibility and genuineness accompanied with frenzied laughter and a witty mind. He had his own reasons to be heard, or spoken in numerous ways except for that day when the walls of his house screamed for his spirit while none heard of his quietus. The cold tiles of the bathroom floor carried his inelastic body in silence. He lay there helpless and meek until discovered. His close friends covered him in a white cloth keeping a strong hold on their emotions. While the ambulance carried his cloistered body to the morgue, his friends wept in tranquillity. His daughters are the pillars of his family and they strongly performed the final rites of cremation for their father’s soul to rest in peace. After the emotional outburst amongst the family friends, it seemed more like a lull after the storm. Shattered yet holding on, and demolished yet constructing a new path towards life, everyone lived with dismay but cherished him in memorable ways like his laughter that was exceptional and distinct from the multitude, whilst his epicurean taste buds always relished a bon vivant.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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