Common Man

It’s a whole different story
A new book to pen
A whole different glory
A new journey again.
The oceans seem wide
The skies seem open
Our roads seem to collide
Our each step’s a token.
Amidst our worlds of fury
We seem to have gotten grace
May witness be our jury
These feelings we embrace.
Each day gets mesmerized
Each moment anew
Every sense paralyzed
Every feel to pursue.
Our days might get tough
Our nights might be blue
Our roads may seem rough
But together we can pull through.
Faith never leaves us alone
Belief we need to trend
Strength is the feelings sown
Hope is to see it all blend.
Handicapped with distance
Miles we need to travel
Determined with no resistance
Our puzzle shall unravel.
Someday it shall be right
Look at it from my eyes
Abide by my sight
We’ll make a blessing in disguise.
Hold my hand with grit
Promise me you’d stay
We’ll get to the holy writ
As long as we don’t give way.
Looking at you each day
Assures your presence near
To be with you I pray
A common man’s life will be austere.
-Adelene Coelho
About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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