Desolate Anguish

That evening i called him,
“Hello” is what he said,
His words gazeth on the dim,
“Hello” took the dialogue ahead.

“Will you meet me when I get there?”,
I inquired with utmost delight,
“You’re coming back for me?”
He asked forth right.

“If that is what you’re doing,
Then do not come back here
There’s nothing left for pursuing”,
He made me feel like a strange muscateer.

“I love you and i want to fix this”
I cried in eternal plea,
“Give us a chance and don’t amiss”,
To me this meant heaven, earth and sea.

“No. I trust you no more,
I cant see us together at all,
You have to move on and go ashore,
Its time your mind does this install”

These words he said broke my heart,
Tears filled my eyes so wide,
To hear him say he wanted to part,
Pierced me with no place to hide.

“I’m sorry for whatever bites your mind”
I gasped breath as i spoke,
I just need a chance to make us bind”
Words i said, as on breath i choke.

“No this cant happen, this time!”
He spelled this out loud and clear,
“Drill this in your head with each dime”,
He yelled in a strong and stern sneer.

“I love you but i don’t want to be with you,
I trust you no more” he said,
“We’re never going to ever get through,
This is where we stand and tread”.

“But hear me out and understand me”
Submissive in every word i said,
“you screwed us over and now it cant be”
Replied his lips right from his head.

“You can be my friend now,
And that’s how i need this to be”
He expected me to agree and bow,
Else i could be by myself and forego thee.

Dramatic world i see ahead of me,
Yet naively i saw every bit designed with him,
he broke my heart when he left me at sea,
But i tried hard to the 100th whim!

“I am already seeing someone else”
His words fluttered through the phone,
“I cant leave her for you” his tongue tells,
And His voice roared through my every bone.

“Ok” i said with teary eyes crying in plea,
“I wont bother you again now on”,
I uttered through heartbroken debris,
As i hung up and cried my soul thereon.

He texted me with mighty pride,
“I’m really very sorry” it read,
I wish he’d take back this bon fide,
In a mumbling tone, i served dead.

His every word made space in my mind,
I needed to get along in life’s race,
For him it seemed easy to unwind,
And walk ahead in pleasing grace.

If only i could be half as strong as he,
I’d be better as today closes by,
I’m only a mirror image of me,
I’ll be okay someday with his Good-bye.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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