Every Best Friend was once a Stranger!

Anytime wondered how a person can turn out to be something more than just a stranger encompassed in a crowd? Here’s how…

As I walk through the corridors of my college, I notice the beige rustic mystified walls, classrooms with no fans and broken windows. Puzzled, I didn’t know why I’m here. Sitting across the hallway, there was a girl named Amelia in the midst of a troupe; brown complexion, tangled hair, with joy browsed inside and enclosed, she swayed like she is her own music composed. She was surrounded by people I barely knew; but we belonged to the same class. Being the conservative kind of person that I am, I never initiated any conversation at any point. I only looked at my routine as some drill I needed to follow. I did have some friends, rather mere acquaintances.

During the final exams of our 1st year, I Amelia writing her paper like she had a race and needed to finish first to fetch her medal. While she asked for an extra supplement, some of the hooligans (the most mischievous boys of the lot) demanded she stop writing else they wouldn’t continue the exam.Weird way to blackmail someone I thought to myself and figured they hadn’t written anything anyway. Amelia laughed her heart out with vague expressions and spelled out answers to them. I also spotted her giving her answer sheet to the boy sitting ahead of her because his answer sheet was blank! While she juggled her day to an end, she also saw them through because she gratified as their friend.

In our 2nd year, there was an incident I can relate to where this so-called nice boy liked me. I didn’t acknowledge him because I didn’t draw time for all this but I did have a perception of Amelia liking him, just not evident enough for me to comment on it. And this story broke the ice between us. Conversation dwelled as she asked me to guess about her feelings for him. I knew it right away but she took her time to confirm. That’s when I realised that along with being bold; she is shy, humble and straight forward. The least this incident gave us was friendship. I saw beyond her corners and knew that behind a bubble of joy, there is a lot lonesome being co-existing. I discovered her areas in due course of time. As we graduated, there had been a lot of mischief with immense laughter embraced in all the pointless drama that surrounded us.

Today as I stroll through those college corridors, I can only be thankful to those old beige rustic walls, because they gave me a friend… My best friend. That same girl amidst the crowd had a story just like each one of us, an aura you can sense at premiere, and somewhere down the road, friendship did strike a chord.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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