Forbidden Fruit


Whenever you feel confused and distressed,
When nothing goes the way you want it to,
When everything you need is miles away to achieve,
When discouragement is leading you,
When anxiety is taking over,
Please stand tall, shrug your shoulders and remember;

“You may not be perfect in many things, but many things cannot be perfect without you. You are Special in Your Own Little Ways…”

Keep Smiling… Always!

One evening as Agastha sipped her cup cup of tea, she found herself in a desperate urge to make a phone call. She wanted t call A.B.H.I.N.A.V. and just talk to him (this happens occasionally whenever she gets an intuition that something is certainly wrong with him). So there she goes; reaches out for the phone, dials in his number and it goes “ring ring, ring ring”. In utmost impatience she’s fiddling her fingers till when a voice breaks through, “Hello, I’ll call you back yeah, just 2 minutes” the phone disconnected. This makes her feel neurotic! Adding to her intuition, his action proved her right. She patiently waits for Abhinav to call. After a while, her phone faintly rings; she answers and it’s him! Agastha sitting upright in hurry like he were standing before her.
“Hi, yeah tell me now. How come you called??” he asked.
“Umm…I just felt like talking to you casually since it’s been long we spoke” she answered.
“Oh!” he replied with slight sorrow and misery in his voice.
“What’s happening?” she asked (knowing that something is up). His response startled her through and through.
“Shraddha dumped me!”
“Whaaaat???!!!” was all that was on her mind and same on the tip of her tongue.
“Yes! She did and this time this is it”, he said. “I can’t take it anymore. All the time there is something that goes wrong. A 5 year old relationship and suddenly she gets so fed up that she decides to leave!”
Fumbling for words, Agastha says, “Its ok. Relax. It’ll be okay. It’s a phase and it will pass” (That’s the least she could come up with, as she was too dumbstruck to say anything, because this was something totally unexpected).
Phone call continues…
“Relax?! Are you serious Agastha! Phase and will pass?! GOD! Stop being so optimistic about this situation. Nothing will ever be okay. She dumped me. She left and it’s over now! She won’t even listen to anything I have to say. She doesn’t seem to want to even talk. And you say it will all be okay?!” Abhinav screeched over the phone. Agastha’s only reply was, “See Abhinav, All you need is patience with a sound mind. It will definitely get better.” And all he replied was, “hopefully.”
Silence took over for about 45 seconds, probably because either of them didn’t know what to say next.
Abhinav then breaks the ice with this question again, “how come you called? Why did you call, that also after so long…” to which Agastha replied, “I just felt like talking to you.”
And somewhere they both knew that it was not the right answer.
Agastha hung up after trying hard to comfort him. It was not going to be easy. She knew it. She just wanted to be there for him.
Agastha felt weird when she heard all that Abhinav had to say because it was heart breaking to know that he didn’t feel right about anything that was happening to him now. She only wished she could be besides him to help him in any way she possibly could. As restless as she felt, she knew he felt the same.
Their bond was something different and maybe it still is. Immaterial of their on-off conversations, they could sense each other’s happiness and misery in a heartbeat. A little flash back would explain why…
-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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