Forbidden Fruit

Shabbily dressed that day
His eyes met mine
Puzzled through this clash
Felt a rush through my spine.

Everyday saw more of each other
Every moment spoken
Closeness over powered
Secret smiles proved a token.

Days led us to unite
Time seemed to confess
Together we began to see
A bond totally blessed.

We yearned for more each day
We yearned for a lil every night
We crossed our fears through each other’s strength
Amidst the busy world our hearts did ignite.

Secretly meeting over practise
Secretly at my place
Secretly we grew fonder
Love is all we embrace.

Phone calls were uncontrollable
Texts were undeniable
Seeing each other was much needed
For all the months we were reliable.

One day didn’t feel right
Everything simply came to an end
There was no way i could fix anything
There was nothing but just a bend.

Tears were my companions
Sorrow was my spouse
I whole heartedly longed for this magic
But now i couldn’t even grouse.

As each day passed by
I couldn’t help but see
His happiness with another someone
Another someone, but not Me.

I made myself stronger
His ignorance was bliss
Emotionally stronger is what he made Me
Yet i proved a total remiss.

Finally that day arrived
When no longer we’d cross ways
I stood there even stronger
Looking forward to a new glaze.

Years later destiny crossed
The glimpse of each other caught us engrossed
The memories unforgotten and afar
Dismay together did leave us a scar.

Closer we drew
Closer again
Fonder we grew
Fonder we couldn’t abstain.

Aware of how far we drained
Knowing its something that cant mend
We decided to try being a friend
Maybe that could somehow blend.

Over the years we saw together
It proved we could make it through
Something somewhere never permitted us
All we could do was bid adieu.

Faith taught us destiny is blind to our route
Our strengths for one another is a deserved salute
Our roads are bound to cross someday down the lane
We are the Forbidden Fruit, we are simply to remain.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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