Its a trail we take along,
Walking through steps to belong,
Making an impression always,
To build our life in some ways.

It gets tough by the minute,
Yet slower to win it,
It gets nasty to perceive,
Yet in abundance we receive.

It’s the goodness along the way,
The bad experiences each day,
That make us who we are today,
Yet someone better than yesterday.

When knocked down to hit the ground,
Get up, stand tall and look around,
To all those laugh, keep an eye,
To all those help, keep a close tie.

It looks difficult today as we can see,
But tomorrow shows a better ME,
I may not slow down or run fast,
But I sure will be there till the last.

Nothing changes the inner feelings ever,
Its what is meant to be forever,
Yet it’s going to be locked and away,
Am I’m going to be a mould in sway.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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