Mr. Claus…

His eyes twinkled and dimples merry,

His cheeks red like roses and nose a berry.

His lil mouth was drawn up like a bow,

The beard on his chin was as white as snow.


His suit sparkles in tomato red,

The perfect hat that covers his head.

He laughs his way “Ho! Ho! Ho!’,

And drove his sleigh with a reindeers row.


I gazed at him in the sweetest amuse,

Craving in awe to promote this news.

Santa unlocked my front door today,

There he stood gotten me all blown away.


Walking through the doors taking a seat,

Waving at me to follow him in silence sweet.

‘Ho! Ho! Ho! Hello there’ he said,

‘I know there ain’t no chimney but a magic key instead’.


He removed a symbol of Christmas,

From his pocket as his usual business,

Gave me a simple candy cane,

Saying it’s one of the first that ever came.


“What do you want this season?” he asked

Love is to the coming reason, he cast

“You’ve been a charming delight” I said

“Let’s just chat all night” I tread.


I ask him to tell me a tale,

Something about the xmas rail,

And in his huffy voice he roars,

“Here’s a little about Christmas shores”


“Simple joys, little pleasures,

Laughter and smiles in big measures,

Friends, family, togetherness, love..

The choicest blessings from above.


Fond appreciation for the people we know,

Each one shall then have a special glow,

Like the lovely festive xmas candles,

Shine upon each ones smiley mantles.

If we use this healthy recipe,

We’ll always be in Christmas spree,

And so shall all around thus remember,

Christmas can be everyday, not only December.”


I still have one query left to ask,

“Why do you love this glorious task?

Of tipping your way down everyone’s hall,

Invisibly dropping off gifts and having a ball?”


“To all my friends, lest your glory I rob,

Please Lord remind them who gave me this job”.

As I tuck you in bed and fill your sock tonight,

Morning light will be merry with a Christmas so bright.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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