Piece of a Puzzle

Most of the times Life never goes the way you plan it

Or maybe that plan was not a part of your life

But it is interesting to know how each one combats it.

Maybe some just shrug off the dust from their shoulders

And maybe some ride slow on a speed breaker

But there are some who dive right into the pool 

And some splash into a puddle. 

The question is where do you fit and do you belong there?

Shrug the dust once yet the shadowy stain remains so shrug it off again?

Or maybe just change your path so you don’t go through. 

Too many speed breakers in your way?

How about riding solo in a speedway or just keep going slowly, one breaker at a time.

Let’s dive into the pool and feel the rush as in heaven could be

Or just take a step a time to let the cold water register with the senses?

See that puddle ? Let’s splash it away…

Or skip over it and watch where we’re going? 

You have the choice to be outgoing , conservative, happy, shallow and/or trapped; or all of them at various stages. 

Do you fit in well ? If yes? Then do you really belong there ?

If not, then make a difference. Be a change to make a change.

You can’t put a piece of puzzle that’s not yours onto your board. It may stay for sometime but won’t look fantastic. Instead find your own and see, everything automatically feels superb. 

So it’s okay if life never went the way you planned it, it’s going a way that was already planned. Be the piece of puzzle and fit in. 

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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