Plastered …

Being in a plaster definitely has it’s perks but it sucks big time especially if your leg is plastered.
I’ve been in a plaster twice-thrice before but this time has been more hilarious. I landed on my bum when I fell and laughed my guts out because I found it funny! And I’m aware of many people laughing when they land on their bum from a fall…because it is funny! You have to agree.
While getting dressed for the hospital, I grabbed a t-shirt that caught my fingers as soon as I tucked my hand into the cupboard and thus began the hilarious scenario! My t-shirt read “feeling bored”…! Yes, exactly … Feeling bored in sync with a plastered leg actually framed in a funny photograph too. I didn’t know what was I even thinking but I definitely know that I was giggling away to glory; so much so that one of my friends Mikhail even stated that “if there was an award for the happiest person with a plaster, it would go to you, hands down!” And I laughed harder to that!
After getting into plaster, walking became a task. I could relate to a 1 year old trying to walk. Tumbling, tripping and dragging feet around the house with a wide smile because this would be an achievement for a child!
Lyndon has to do all the possible work now from cooking and cleaning to washing. He does everything without a sound and I admire that greatly. Feeling bad for all the work he has to do, I’m helpless.
Then in the evening when I was waiting to go for a bath, standing at the bathroom door watching Lyndon fill the buckets for me, I leaned against the right side of the door with my plastered foot slightly raised and my left hand on the hip holding a slight smile when suddenly he turned around, looked at me, took the epic Amitabh Bachan pose with a heavy voice and said, “Rishte mein toh hum tumhare Baap lagte hai… Naam hai SHENSHAH… Haain. You’ve even got a plastered leg that resembles Shenshah’s leg now”
And I burst out laughing! Imitation of the husband at its best. Mocking at me through my injury; he’s the best at whatever he does.
I laughed for the next 5 mins non stop. His enactment kept playing in front of me throughout. Narrating this to family, brought laughter to them as well and I couldn’t help but write it down as well.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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