Dedicated to my childhood buddy! – Noel Joseph

I Could only say thanks in least possible way for just being yourself  with me …

I recall seeing his smiling face
For every time we met
I recall his sweet embrace
I was his total pet.

Each day we spent with delight
Grew into a fonder memory
Only if this I could rewrite
I’d make a beautiful savory.

We’ve fought over the nights
Even in sleep I’d say
“I’m going to show you!” in defensive plight
But he’d always be at bay.

We grew up to being best friends
Sharing every lil hour
He knew my every small trend
And I saw his every lil scour.

We spent some years apart
Yet every vacation was a treat
To see him churn a humble heart
Was a holiday complete.

We didn’t have any way to communicate
We belonged to yester years
Sincerely he would dedicate
His endless smiles and cheers.

Time brought me closer to him
We stayed in the same city
Our friendship swirled like a hymn
We’d sing a happy ditty.

He’s seen me rise
He’s been there to catch me fall
He’s been a guide through my skies
Promised no harm would befall.

There have been days we’ve had our blues
Not wanting to speak at any cost
Yet he’d lure me in great amuse
He’d give all his heart and I’d be tossed.

He knew to bring me a smile
His expertise is our joy
We’d long our journey runs more than a mile
For this joy our hearts would employ.

He knew my every lil side
We stood at every lil edge
With an eye uncertain gazing wide
This bond together we pledge.

We have a strong rooted base
Our feelings we cannot defy
The fair Corinthians crown a higher space
As rocks cant resist the billows and the sky.

I’ve had him back me through thick ‘n’ thin
He’s wiped my downfall and praised my shine
He stands like he has always been
A living glory to this shrine.

If only we could spend our life
Being a backbone to each other
It would shrink all our strife
Creating a mystical smother.

I look at him as someone i know
Who has been there for me in all bound
Yet he is someone who is ashore
My friend, a soul, a savior unbound.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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