The Proposal

Pacing on primitive roads of Bank Street every night amongst the sprinting nightlife was a boy who’d spend hours on his phone talking to a girl he immensely loved. Luke lived at a corner around Bank Street with a crowd of mixed culture and nationalities dwelling in his vicinity. Variably distinct from the world, Luke paved his way to her heart via technology. The parking lot below his building would be crammed with cars gazing at him resting his back at a parking meter consuming time till his phone battery slammed dead.

Sharing his upheaval and downfall, careless stories and nasty scenarios, his nonsensical talks sublimed with sweet tinge, he won over Paula with every bit of his intellect. Never tracking time; they’d speak their hearts without a care in the world. Needless to disclose how they feel, senses grasped this marvel yet none had confessed.

Luke needed help in Law because he had to clear an exam to gain his Master’s Degree that had been pending. Paula inclined her help duly. While they studied for an hour of every night; one weekend Luke evoked impatience. Not very keen on studying and reluctant to disguise, he towed one hour in frenzy while she taught him Law. At one definition, she related to them in alimony just quoting an example and he tossed like an imbalanced coin making her think she made a mistake talking about them ‘together’. Engulfed her feelings within, Paula gave way to his comfort and continued reluctantly.

After finishing their session, Luke randomly said, ‘remember I told you about mom searching a girl for me?’ ‘Yes…’ Paula answered. ‘Well, I’ve found her and I’m going to tell mom about her’. ‘Okay…who is she?’ Paula inquired. ‘It’s been 8 years I know of her’. Heartbroken, she recalled Luke never mentioning about any girl in their conversations. Paula was sad that it wasn’t her until he continued his cast. ‘Remember how I told you I had someone close to me and his name is self-same as yours?’ ‘Yes…’ Paula responded puzzled. ‘Well…’ he said with a pause sanctioning silence. ‘What about it?’ Paula snapped. ‘Will you marry me Miss Paula Cleveland?’ Luke baffled on the phone. ‘You must be joking’ she reacted. ‘I’m serious. Tell me?’ Luke awaited a response. Her euphoria elated a zest in her voice as she said ‘Yes!’

There couldn’t be anything finer than this adored moment till he showed up in her city with a ring. From the primitive Bank Street to unflustered Piccadilly Street, Luke proposed again, on his knees placing a ring on her finger; Paula said yes and kissed him to eternity. She admired his elegance while cupping his face in her palms; she hugged him securely; Luke was taller as compared to photographs with innocent gleam in his eyes. They could spend their lives being mesmerised with each other, as Paula shall hold colossal gratitude, for Luke made the sweetest proposal ever!

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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