Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 3

As time passed by, Abhinav realized he kind of began to like Agastha ‘too’. Not quite admitting it much, the sense of feeling did arise between both. They remained mum about it mostly, until one day Agastha heard the big news,

“Abhinav broke up with Megha!!! Because of Agastha” (of course the latter had to follow)

He had admitted his feelings for Agastha in front of all his friends…

‘Wow’ thought Agastha. She didn’t expect this to unfold so fast.

And then their mysterious relationship begins.
Well, this is how it really surfaced…


Vacations were horribly boring as always. Agastha only longed for Abhinav to come online every day so that they could chat. Oh! C’mon it was obvious- she missed him despite not knowing if he missed her too. Her thoughts lingered all over her room, just then she saw a pop up window,

“Krupt_skyliner has just signed in”

Agastha smiled.

Their conversation was all about “Hi” to “everything is fine here” and then “I miss you”.
At the back of her head, she thanked God for giving brains to some people because they created things like chats and stuff so that people could keep in touch with the family and friends and above all, the one they love! With that wide smile of hers, and these thoughts in her head, she pulled off a conversation pretty nicely.

Simultaneously Shazi was chatting with Abhinav on another window. She was shooting questions at him which were only about Agastha or rather about both of them.
After a while Agastha received a message from Shazi saying, “Abhinav says he likes you and it sure is something more”.
Reading that, Agastha’s smile has no limit but it breaks off because the first thing that struck her was ‘it’s not him who is saying to me’.  Just then the messenger goes “ring” and a message from Abhinav read, “I like you Agas and it more than just likes” and that’s when it hits off! [16th May, 2007].

Their conversation thereafter had a unique flare to it. It was a little more special than usual. Agastha was finally convinced that Abhinav liked her too.

Finally the wait for end of vacation was over and the next day at school, Agastha would get to see him.

“ABHINAV BROKE UP WITH MEGHA!!! Because of Agastha”…

This was the headline for the next day and probably would continue to be for a few more days.

Agastha was stunned because she had not expected it this fast. Abhinav had decided that he would slowly let Megha know everything but this was out of the blue with a bang.

There was a lot of distress in the air. Everyone around them behaved weird and aggressive; at some point of time it freaked Agastha out. People would just look at them, especially at Agastha like as if she were an alien.

She knew that whatever happened was not good with their close friend, but in what way was she responsible? Why was she to blame? Agastha didn’t snatch him away or something. It all just happened. She had no intentions of hurting Megha at all. If she really wanted, she could have done it during Nida’s time itself! But who are we kidding? Trying to explain something to people in school was worse than banging your head against a wall. Maybe even the wall would have pitied Agastha in a break out of mercy!

Nevertheless, overlooking all this, something magical had begun for Agastha. A Love Story…

They hit off for 6 months on a great note of love and mischief. Things seem totally out of the world for Agastha. Every sunrise began with a smile and every sunset was a beautiful day added to her life.

There was something different about this whole feeling, Even though she did not know what it really meant. ‘Maybe it just turns your world upside down. Maybe it just takes you from reality and drops you to fairy land. Maybe it just teaches you another lesson in life which is sweet in its own way’ she thought to herself every night.


As they spent time together on a more “closer” note, she realized he was something wonderful that happened to her and she just wished it’d last for longer than anyone could see.

They grew fonder in love for each other. They’d spend endless time talking over the phone and texting. One evening Agastha met Abhinav in school, just to spend some time with him apart from school hours and along with them were Shazi and her boyfriend. Agastha’s eyes were glued on to Abhinav. She admired him in his black jeans, off white shirt (in-tucked) and black belt with black shoes.

There was something about him that always made her heart skip a beat.
They walked around to some place hand in hand, smiling and blushing.

As they were walking, Abhinav clasped her hands tight. That area they were passing through was not known for its safety one bit. There were some local boys trying to act stupid as well. Abhinav took out his belt and wrapped it on his hand, just in case he needed it; like these typical Bollywood movies. Agastha felt nice to know at least he would be there for her.


Shazi left them ‘alone’ for some time. They usually didn’t manage to get this time in school easily because everyone was still accepting their relationship as a part of reality. It was a big electricity transformer cage and on side Shazi was with her boyfriend while on the other were Agastha and Abhinav.

Trembling to take charge of the moment, in between their talks, the distance between Abhinav and Agastha seemed to minimize every second and in no time his lips sealed hers. ‘That was my first kiss and it felt like heaven’ Agastha’s heart spoke aloud.

She was a bad kisser – Abhinav always said so, but whatever it was, it was simply a moment she’d never forget.

His arms gathered around her waist and her hands on his chest along with that kiss, made the moment a perfect one. She felt his hands move all over her back as he kissed her passionately and sliding closer and closer that even air was unlucky to not pass.  This was one hell of a blissful moment.
Later on they walked back to the school premises and all she could see was a big smile on his face! His smile made her smile; more…

They had spent a lot of time during the breaks and everyone probably envied them but it didn’t matter because all Agastha knew was, when Abhinav was with her, she didn’t have to worry about anything.



One fine day everyone planned on going bowling and this time Abhinav wanted Agastha to get permission by all means for this outing. Agastha took her chances and to her sheer luck she got permission. Being amidst the crowd that weren’t really her friends, Agastha was content with the fact that Abhinav was there. Abhinav was busy bowling while Agastha waited till she could borrow some of his time. Finally her wait was over after his game came to an end. He took her for a walk around the place. This was the first time Agastha got a chance to go out with friends…  and boyfriend was a bonus factor.

They walked at a distance of one arm from each and eventually, it reduced to distance called the unknown. Agastha saw herself close to him. They stand at the back of the Bowling Centre. Abhinav tried to click a picture of her but she refused taking away his phone. On insisting so much, Agastha doesn’t give in that easily till Abhinav tricked her. He got closer to her, shrugging her against the wall. Diverting her attention from the phone to a romantic moment between them, he slowly began to kiss her and just as she was about to give in to that kiss, he slid his hands down to hers running shivers down to her spine and took away the phone mocking at her!

Gosh! Agastha was mad at him for this. Whoever does this kind of a thing in the middle of a kiss!


Abhinav turned out be a sweetheart immediately. In no time he seals her anger with his romance and it’s all a meltdown. He didn’t give her space to consume anger. As they were engulfed into the moment, one guy who probably worked at the centre spotted them. He tried making it an issue that he caught them red-handed kissing. Abhinav gets pissed off at the way he talked and was almost getting into a fight. Agastha just preferred holding his hand and walking away. She didn’t want any sort of trouble coming to them. Not many people are open-minded in the Middle East.


After a while, all his friends decided to walk down to McDonalds and grab a snack. Abhinav and Agastha walked down a lonely road with everyone but the sooner all of them were busy carrying on, he pulled her back and waited for the path to clear. A little mischief was involved there as well. Till they reach some street lights, he sneaked kisses here and there. After McDonalds, they decided to leave for home. As they walked towards a bus stop, Agastha’s phone rings and it’s her mom calling. She was angry because it was past 8 pm and she had not yet reached home – Agastha’s family usually considered 7 pm as limit time. As she tackled her mom with various reasons, Abhinav began teasing her a little. Agastha was bugged and yelled at him in front of so many people. BOOM! Silence prevails now… This was the beginning of arguments in silence…


After she reached home, she got fired because it neared 9.30pm. Not bothered about what her folks had to say, she was more indulged in waiting for Abhinav to text back. She knew he wouldn’t yet she still expected it. On her way home, she had texted him an apology mentioning she didn’t intend to hurt him or insult him but found no reply in return. That night was sleepless for Agastha. But as the saying goes, with the first kiss come the first fight. Here it had already arrived.


Agastha thought she’ll speak to him the next day at school, but in vain. He didn’t go to meet her and nor did he look her when she tried to meet him. This led to 3 days of no talking; more like cold war. Agastha tried hard to speak to him but he ignored her completely. Not responding to her texts, not answering her phone calls and not even looking at her during the day only brought disappointment for Agastha. Finally to break the ice between them, one of their friends stepped in. He dragged Abhinav from the canteen to the classroom and made them sit together asking them to speak up. But not a word was uttered. After Shazi forcing him to say something, anything, he said,

“If she can yell in front of everyone, ask her to apologize the same way”.

Agastha knew this was coming but she remained expressionless. Seeing no response from her, Abhinav stood up to walk away. Just then Agastha prompted,

“Abhinav I am sorry”.

He stopped.

Agastha was loud enough for everyone to hear. It took her great guts to do that because she was barely a known person around.

The entire class was silent. Abhinav walked towards her and hugged her. He whispered, “I love you” while Agastha looked at Shazi and whispered, “Thank you”.

Then on, things seemed to be fine. Everything was back to the little hugs and kisses and romance in class which maybe people objected but they were in love, so others’ opinion didn’t really matter.


-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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