Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 4

Soon they had their 1st mid-term exams and all were busy studying. The first paper was Business

Studies. As Agastha was having her regular conversation with Abhinav, he mentioned to her about the time he wanted to spend with her ‘alone’. Agastha responded in a heartbeat, “Come over tomorrow”. The plan was set. No sooner was it tomorrow, he was already home!

She behaved all weird; Abhinav would surely agree to this, because Agastha was watching TV and make him watch too. She flipped out and didn’t really expect herself, to be, in her house, with him ’alone’. Abhinav felt like killing her for making him watch TV! But ironically, he did kill softly in a very romantic way of course, by kissing her whimsically. It led to being tipsy in love, as he laid her over the couch and kissed her gently; her hands worked according to his command; she began unbuttoning his shirt. As they got intense, she stopped him. Agastha realised it was almost time for her folks to return home. So Abhinav had to leave. Spoiler that she was, she knew she’d make up for it someday.

Exams began and one day just before their last paper, Agastha rang him up ample times but he never answered. Nor did he even respond back. She got worried and wondered what may have happened. After a long haul wait in impatience, Abhinav finally rang her up from his dad’s phone, telling her that he had lost his mobile phone! Agastha was wrecked. She disconnected the call and rang him up on his landline. As soon as her parents go out, she grabbed the phone and to speak to him. His voice was lost and blue. He said to her, “I went searching it all over the place, on the road and everywhere but I couldn’t find my phone”. She said, “It’s okay Abhinav. You can get a new one”.

His sad tone spoke, “New one will come later, but till then how will I talk to you? How will I text you? I don’t like this feeling one bit. I hate it”. “It’s ok Jaan, we will manage. Right now you need to concentrate on your math exam. We’ll think about the phone once your paper is done” Agastha tried to calm him down. “It’s not done. I cannot even study. I won’t give the test tomorrow” Abhinav responded in a little cranky and shaky voice. “Don’t do this please, at least attempt it” she pleaded.

Very unwillingly he agreed, “Ok”.

After a while they hung up the phone.

Agastha was worried about him. She didn’t like the way he was giving up on his studies over a phone. Sensibility was to atleast attempt the exam, and she hoped he did that. She missed chatting with him at night, as it was a part of their routine. She felt the pinch just like he did.

The next day in class, after the exam finished, his friends happened to tell her that he slept off and didn’t write the paper. Agastha was crazed out on him. She reached his class, woke him up and questioned him on his doing. He said, “Either ways I didn’t study and all night I was upset so I just left it”. Agastha had no words to describe this but all she thought was ‘it’s okay’. She was just about to walk back to her class since the accounts teacher had entered his class; Abhinav pulled her and kissed in front of the teacher! Yes, you read that right. He kissed on her cheeks right in front of the teacher. Blushing in embarrassment, Agastha rushed back to her classroom knowing that it’s going to be more embarrassing when the same teacher walks in to her class after the break. Nevertheless, Agastha loved what Abhinav did. No one had ever done this before. She felt loved and loved being loved. One more step, she fell in love with him. Agastha was all mousy and for the next whole week, she just didn’t know what how to react to the teacher so much so that she couldn’t even look at her. Yet this feeling brought a smile on Agastha’s face.

After 3 months of romance and amorousness, during one of their conversations that got a little intense in terms of the wanting to be with each other all the time, Abhinav suddenly pops up with the idea of exchanging pillow covers! At first Agastha thought it to be silly, but then she felt the romance in his idea to make each other’s presence felt. The next day they had each other’s pillow covers. Everyday he’d tell Agastha how tight he hugged it when he slept and it would just awe her. Agastha had once noticed his happiness of having the pillow cover; she questioned him,

“Abhinav what makes you so happy about having it?”

His answer was unexpectedly predicted,

“I hold tight when sleeping and also what not I do with it, you surely wouldn’t want to know Agas”
She kept silent. Of course she understood what he meant, any one would, but she didn’t know what to say in return.

These small things that happen between two people make the relationship grow fonder and stronger and maybe the attachment towards one another deepens.

There was one thing she hated about him, his smoking-like a chimney! It would bug her the most. She began insisting that he stops it at all cost. Once tried, twice tried, thrice tried and all in vain. So she decided that it should be even. If he smoked, she would too.

She told him that if he didn’t stop, she’d start along with him and in the least of his thoughts did he believe it. So one day when she met him at church-they often met there every Thursdays, he had a cigarette. Agastha picked one in front of him, taking a puff, staring at him; she thought, ‘it’s the end of me’! He was so angry like never before and refused to speak to her.

Even in school she his ignorance and attitude to the fullest. But this time she didn’t want to let go. She was too was upset with him. Earlier when she asked him if smoked, he said, “NO” and the very same evening. She saw him with a cigarette.

Agastha held his hand, making him sit down on the table and to speak to him. She told him how she felt and also apologized for what she did.  She thought it was best to let out the feelings in simple language to avoid further complications. ‘How ugly would it get anyway?’ she murmured to herself. The most Abhinav would do was continue the cold war for some time. She only wanted his betterment. The next minute Agastha was in his arms. He whispered a sorry in her ears and hugged her tight. He didn’t want to let her go. Then on everything was back to normal.

Agastha and Abhinav had been invited to his friend’s birthday party.  They had to paper dance with different partners. It was so weird and not to forget to mention, they both lost. While having the slow dance session, Abhinav took Agastha to the dance floor and like this perfect gentleman held her around the waist, drawing her close, getting her lost in the moment, she heard the song, “underneath your clothes” play as a dedication to her. ‘Priceless’ her mind spoke loud. She didn’t want anymore. If only she could stop time and continue living that moment for some more time, she’d jump at it.

One more hero type filmy scene was when he dedicated a song to her by Ganesh Hegde, “Main Deewana” during a school charity FET they had somewhere in Oct, 2007. It was mesmerizing because no one did such things for her, ever. All she could hear were the people applauding and howling while he stood beside her. Petty things like these make the heart grow fonder, and it sure as hell made her heart grow fonder!

Most of the times Agastha ran out of words most to describe her feelings. He always took her in awe. The one who felt the same as Agastha would know what she really felt.

On the 6 months of a lovely affair, 16 Nov 2007, Agastha had sent him a text which probably had all that she needed to say.

It read,
“Make Me a Promise, Say You’ll Stay By My Side…
Make Me a Promise; Say you’ll Never Make Me Cry.
Make Me Promise, Don’t Use Empty Charms…
Make Me a Promise; Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms.
Make Me a Promise; One for Which You’ll Vouch…
Say You’ll Always Snuggle on the Couch.
Make Me a Promise, Please don’t Let It Be a Lie…
Make Me a Promise, Say Your Love Will Never Die.
Make Me a Promise, Make Me Believe…
Make Me a Promise, Say you’ll Never Leave.
Make Me a Promise and Mean it all you can…
Make Me a Promise; say “I’ll Be Your Man!”

And the best reply she could ever get from him was
“Let God Be a Witness to This, as I say, “I Promise”, sweetheart I mean it.

Right now am low on credit and this is my last message for now. When I recharge, I’ll text you.

I Love you”.

Abhinav meant the world to her. She was totally lost in this enclosure of Love and she LOVED BEING IN LOVE (especially with HIM).
She was living in fairy tale and could not believe all this was happening, but they say,

“Not every fairy tale ends into a happily ever after…”

19 November, 2007 …

Was one of the worst days of her Life and also the beginning of a horrible phase that she had to battle… A.L.O.N.E.

-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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