Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 11


Agastha has settled herself in Pune, getting on with her life. She walks down the memory lane at the back of her head sometimes; it runs a shiver down her spine and again after almost 1 year and some months, she got in touch with Abhinav. He’s was in Mumbai. Through Facebook they exchanged numbers and again it led to phone calls and text messages and rebirth of the buried feelings followed by ‘no-talking’ for months and yet ‘talking’ all over again.


They usually talked about days back in school, but mostly it ended up in the present scenario discussions where they both have moved on in life and there were a lot of new things around. Many times Agastha would stop talking to him because their conversations would result to his thoughts about them spending some lonesome time together again like before, which for every reason was not right according to her. She always thought he’s out of his mind to come out with such an idea of spending time with each other alone because it would either ways lead to something they left behind long time ago. That door better remain closed for both.

Adding to it, she had her doubts of the entire ‘revenge’ idea and probably thought that he still wanted to finish his share of the game. It was very weird to hear him say,

‘I want to spend some time with you Agastha, alone!”

And her mind would race through his words and stop on one thing,

“ALONE? It’s not right. NOT AGAIN”.


Another reason why she always pushed away was because he had a girlfriend.

Yes! Shraddha was still in picture and in no way could she maintain a relationship with him that went beyond friends in any aspect. ‘It is totally inappropriate to cheat on someone’ she thought but he kept denying the fact that it’s cheating.

For him, it was merely some memory creating moment which again made no sense to her at all.


On phone calls, all they discussed was his life with Shraddha. Agastha felt bad to hear about her but in a way it was good, because it helped her hide the way she still felt for him.


Their on-off conversations kept on going for a while and today it’s been 5 years for the differences they’ve shared along the way, with all ups and downs and, emotions and aggression. But for some reason, today it still seems weird, yet nice to know that they still share a relationship which is anonymous in almost every way.


Abhinav had once said,

“We have something incomplete and maybe that’s why we are still here”.


‘Making this entire relationship, a question better left unanswered’ Agastha thought back.


Coming to the recent scenario, where they share an incomplete yet a complete relationship, as ‘friends’ which gets all awkward at times, especially when she hears about his love life and probably when he hears about hers and according to this mind-blowing aspect of being there for each other just the way she had promised him she would, she often felt horrible to know, about his all-time dedicated relationship with Shraddha.


But now that this love-filled relation has come to an end, she made sure her presence was felt because she promised to be there whenever he needed her. They decided to meet each other; Abhinav believed he’d feel better on doing so. But universe never let it happen.

One day he was at a place just about 20 minutes from where she worked. She tried her best to meet him because he just wanted it to happen but it doesn’t end up his way again. Disappointment in his voice took over the phone call he made but that is destiny they we’re trying to go against.


One of his close buddies thought this entire situation between Agastha and Abhinav, to be a sign for something that may not be known to them, probably a feeling and he strongly felt that Abhinav and Agastha should meet up, at every cost! ‘Silly as can be’ Agatha wondered why Abhinav told her what his friend thought of them randomly. He barely even knew them or knew Agastha for that matter. It’s like as if he saw something more than what is visible to the naked eye.

Similarly, one of Agastha’s friends thought that Abhinav tries to find Agastha in every girl he comes across but never acknowledged the fact that she was standing right in front of him.


On receiving this bit of information from Abhinav, in her defence all she could say was,

“All this is merely a coincidence. I just casually call u up and it turns out to be that you are in some trouble. Simple, just a coincidence; nothing else”.

But he immediately contradicted,

“All the time it cannot be called coincidence Agas.”


Silence takes over for a while and then they’re back to discussing on the broken-up relationship of Abhinav and Shraddha.


There was a time the two of them were having a chat and she texted him, ‘how’s you?’

He said, ‘I am not in the mud to talk’!

And she was like, “MUD”?!?!

So she rang him up and asked what on earth he meant by mud and he burst out into laughter stating its MOOD and its SMS language!

She defended herself by telling him she didn’t understand these short forms and he said, “next time while am chatting with you, I shall keep an Oxford Dictionary with me you see…idiot!” and they burst to laughter and giggled all way through the call. Some small stupidity she did to make him laugh. She kept doing as much as she could to lighten his mood sometimes. She tried to be his friend.


His friends in Mumbai tried to boost him up by taking him for parties and getting him drunk but Agastha didn’t think any of that worked much. During this entire process of helping him face it, there was one thing he said that made sense to her and of course she felt bad about it;

“If it was you in her place this wouldn’t have happened and you would have definitely understood me. And hell yeah! This is what I deserve because I hurt you the same way and maybe now I know exactly how you feel.”


That line had precision of a knife and she surely didn’t like the pain he was going through. Some where she knew that he kind of missed her, but her mind and brain were battling because the issue was highly disputable and like every other girl, she followed what my heart believed – ‘he misses me’.

As time went by, things between Shraddha and him kept getting worse and she had no clue on how to really help him, but as glad as she could be,  his friend helped him in every way, mentally and emotionally to weigh onto the stronger side.


The best of impacts he ever made was when he went to Bangalore just a few weeks back only to make his entire relationship work with Shraddha. He couldn’t get over her and the only thing left was for him to make an impact. He wrote a letter to her knowing he wouldn’t get to really explain anything since her family is around. He carried the letter to Bangalore and taking her by surprise, he finally ended up seeing himself sitting in front of her dad. After having a casual conversation, he slips the letter to her and leaves and that’s when he marks his territory on her life!

She surely was swept off her feet and had no way to explain what she really felt like but it surely was something she never thought she’d experience and now she had it like this perfect memory. From then on, things took a turn. It was all stable and he was back on track. Not completely, but to a great extent he was fine!

‘Man, even I would be so proud of him if he had to something like that for me!’ Agastha thought to herself when Abhinav had told her of this incident in particular.


“Life goes on”

Is what they say, and it surely does happen that way.


-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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