Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 12 (THE END)


As time flew by in the process of comforting Abhinav and the regretful breakup issues, Agastha got busy with work. Unable to contact him much sometimes, she found content with the fact that things were getting better at his end. Sometimes she would randomly receive calls and texts from him that deliver a message, “just want to know if you’re doing fine”.

That would make her happy because in this wide world, he still considered her a part of his life.

One evening, she was out with family and had gotten drunk a little. Barely able to remember what the names of the bottles she did know she had tequila something and two vodka something. Agastha gets tipsy fast. She had spoken to Abhinav after that. She couldn’t recollect everything she may have said to him but she remembered him saying,

“Face your feelings Agas. It’s high time. You care about Shraddha and her feelings but she only hates you. Don’t give away what you can get because of someone else. Stop thinking for others and for once think about yourself!”


Those words give her a hard Adrenalin rush in the head just before she blurts out,

“You want to know what I want right. So here it is, I want to be with you Abhinav! I want be with you!”

I have always wanted this but it’s always been bad for me. You have been bad to me. For now I know it is practically impossible, but yes, this is what I want. I have always kept it inside me because I know it cannot happen and thinking about it merely makes no sense. Yet you wanted to hear it from me. So here it is, I want to be with you Abhinav!”

He was shocked.


All he said was,

“It’s too late now and it can’t happen”

And the usual talks of move on and all crap.


So Agastha just asked him to keep shut because she was tired of hearing the same words again and again and again. 5 years and still the same old crap from him. She hung up and fell asleep.


The next day never came. She woke up with a headache and screened through the previous night. ‘Oh shit’ she murmured. She knew she spoke a lot and she shouldn’t have. Embarrassed to call him, she waited for his call instead. 2-3 days gone by and there was no sign of Abhinav anywhere. She had kept herself underground as well. Days turned to months and after 8 months finally Agastha thought she needed to speak to Abhinav.


She called him. He answered. She apologized for the last conversation and then went on to tell him that she was seeing someone. On a serious note, she was in love with someone. Not knowing how to address the situation, they argued over it. The argument mellowed down after 10 minutes of debate but it was more like quick sand. Again it was the whole together thing alone popped up and with discomfort she agreed because she wanted to prove him wrong in many ways but then at the back of her head, it all was totally wrong. So after agreeing, she disagreed as usual and it doesn’t really tick him off this time because he had been through this whole rejection phase with her ample of times.

This time she refuted because she was in love with somebody and not because of any other self-sacrificing reason. She stood up for how she felt, and it made her feel good.


After telling Abhinav 8 months back about everything she felt and how he made me feel all this while, she was finally able to move on. She found peace and was able to open up to new roads. She finally let go of everything about him and was breathing easy. Now there was nothing to hold her back.


Getting back together was something she was never going to do; she just needed to get him out of her system and the best way was to blurt out what she felt.

She couldn’t explain the way she felt about everything but If didn’t think something was right, she’d never do it.

They stopped talking again for some time. No one knows how long that sometime would last because they still had one relationship to fulfil – Friendship. They knew that one of them would end up keeping in touch with a feeling of the other being in trouble.


Today Agastha is settled and stable, and focused on what she wants and where she wants to be.

Abhinav claims to be happy for her. They keep in touch even today sometimes.

She needed a chance to thank him for being a wonderful part of her life because despite the ups and downs and talks and no talks and fights and fun, they stuck around. They remained despite the worst they have seen in each other.


Agastha hopes that someday it all works out for him with his lady love because she realised the value of having someone special in life and then losing out on that person, things change and it can never really be the same; but what matters is that you’ve made it.


Agastha and Abhinav have made a something they also can’t name, but this whole mysterious relationship they share, is a memorable one because she never have had someone in life who can be a friend, a lover, an enemy, an acquaintance, a well-wisher, a buddy, a guide, and then again someone she knows inside out. A complete transitions stage is what it is, but the ride was worthwhile.

It’s been 10 years they share a bond, no one would have even imagined they’d last this long as friends.


If at all they met in their next birth, she hopes they cross paths again so that this time he gets a chance to makes things better, but Abhinav’s take on that thought is different. He feels they should ever cross paths because he has done enough in this lifetime that he is sorry about. He thinks he may just continue to do hurtful things to her… so for the betterment of them, they must never cross paths!


Maybe everyone thinks, it’s weird for them to stand besides each other, despite the hell they put each other through back then, but they both agree together on one thing; it’s something their hearts and minds know that in this lifetime, they would not regret anything they do for each other, be it friendship-or more-or less-or coincidence, but whatever it maybe, they’ll maintain it as a simple mysterious and meaningful one!


If there is something Agastha looks back on, it would be this Love Story which in Abhinav’s words can be described as, ‘We were kids and in that age we knew NOT what we did’;

Because it taught her to be strong despite the hurdles in her way and honestly, Abhinav was one great Professor!


After all this, they believe they may no longer hear of each other or see each other again, but destiny plays cruel games and for sure their paths will cross, maybe just as acquaintances or without any hints…. But it will, because



-Adelene Coelho.

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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