Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 7

Finally it was the beginning of grade 12 and things had full 365 days to either mellow down or blow off.

The phase that Agastha was going through had only tears, abuses, irritation and frustration, misery and above all HATRED. Every day was dying because it kept getting harder to see him with Shraddha!

Ok, well, here it is, Abhinav had proposed to Shraddha in no time after breaking up with Agastha. She seemed to be nice and everything but somewhere Agastha didn’t like it. She didn’t know much about her and she wouldn’t want to think or frame an unknown picture of her, but Shraddha was definitely someone she totally disliked! And probably it was vice-versa!

Maybe that’s why it was so hard to get over him all the more! He had given her one more added reason to suffer.
There were numerous fights between Abhinav and Agastha as the days went by; most of them started and finished on Shraddha alone. Things were fierce like as if they were the only two people left on the earth and either one of ‘em would get the last drop to drink, for survival!
Even world war IV would be a better deal than them.

One of the worst fights between Agastha and Abhinav had gotten their involved parents, especially Agastha and hell it was maddening! As usual it began with Shraddha. She was the hot topic of argument for them. Apparently Agastha addressed Shraddha as a ‘duck’ to vent her anger. ‘Duck’ because she quaked like one and walked like one. Quite the resemblance!

Abhinav showered Agastha with abuses for that. Imagine their plight! Things often got heated up for stupidest reasons. This time Abhinav crossed lines he shouldn’t have. Their text messages to each other were only filled with filth and disgrace and to get away from all of this or merely you could say to teach Agastha a lesson for calling his girlfriend a ‘duck’, Abhinav gave her phone number to some of his friends who behaved like men wanting a whore to spend the night with! They constantly called and texted Agastha asking her to please them and they would pay hourly or whatever. Ridiculously done; when Agastha received those messages, she was shattered. He always tore her to pieces with everything hurtful he did. Agastha had never in her wildest dreams thought he would do that. It was unexplainable! And totally expressionless! For once she felt like slapping Abhinav so hard that he would never ever forget it his entire life. To degrade a girl to an extent that would satisfy a man shows how much of a coward he himself could be. It questioned his being!

‘How could someone even do that kind of a thing? He loved me once and today sells me off to men like I’m some whore… I don’t need enemies when I have the one I love do the needful’ Agastha thought to herself amidst the tears.

What could one even say or do about Abhinav? He made her feel like a complete thrash. He ensured she felt like a typical slut, that men use to satisfy their unending testosterone levels and he succeeded.

He always held the sword and every time he felt like slashing her, he’d just do it outright without even thinking what he’s putting Agastha through. After all, he was the MAN and a MAN is always worshipped despite his spiteful and unacceptable behaviour towards anyone!
Their mothers surely hated each other’s kids because of the ruckus they’ve caused, and it was a clear display of emotion that day when they were involved. Agastha mother made one thing very clear to Abhinav when she heard about those men calling and texting her for the night; that if there was even a scratch on her daughter, she would not spare Abhinav at all.

As powerful as the words seem, Abhinav had to back off that time, but Agastha knew it was going to get a lot worse at school.

Abhinav was not among those who’d keep quiet at humiliation. Of course, the humiliation he pushed on Agastha was justified according to him but anything offensive on him was taken strongly. He was only going to make things worse for her.
There was a weird aura around them that was only filled with disgust. Breathing was difficult because the air around carried abuse. There were times when Abhinav warned Agastha not to enter school premises because he didn’t like seeing her face.

‘You’d better close your eyes then’ Agastha responded. Because of her response, he made sure her life was nothing less than hell. ‘Bring it on’ was Agastha’s attitude. She had no other option than to just face him boldly. She was too frustrated and wouldn’t take his overpowering bully to push her down. She had her limit and he crossed it.

During this phase, Agastha learnt one thing- there was no point crying because no one saw tears. So she decided to pull up her socks and walk in pride in school because it was not her mistake!

Shazi walked with her head admiring the ground beneath her feet! She definitely had to feel guilty but it was not going to last for long because the “company” of friends she was with actually turned her against Agastha. Shazi believed it to be a favour she was doing by addressing herself as Agastha’s best friend; whereas, Agastha had stopped considering her a friend ever since she screwed up.

Agastha ran out of words to describe those days but as time flew by, situation only got worse.
There was a school overnight picnic everyone had gone for. Agastha was there too. And so were Abhinav and Shraddha. As miserable as it may seem, Agastha thought of trying to sort everything out. She wrote a small note to Abhinav asking him to let go of all the crap they pulled off in the past few months. She was sincerely making a peace offering. But unfortunately Abhinav was not looking forward to that. Instead he made a mockery out of Agastha. Swishing her note in the air, abusing her on the bus with all his mates, only made him look like a hero but according to Agastha, he was full of crap. She hated being there but she had to keep strong because she had to pull herself through the next whole day till they got back.

Throughout the trip, Agastha ignored Abhinav and the troop which practically left her alone. She felt some peace being at a place where no one was even if it meant eating alone. She knew their eyes watched her every move and their tongues thrashed her head to toe but she was relieved even though it was for a little while, she was at mild peace; all ALONE.


Abhinav never left a chance to make Agastha miserable. Right from addressing her as a bitch to the all-new favourite word ‘uncle fucker’, he pulled it off so shrewdly, that he seemed to consider himself as God. He made the rules for Agastha. He decided how to insult her and when to do it. It practically happened all the time.


Agastha didn’t deserve any of this, but it was given to her as a token of her love for him. She didn’t stop loving him any less, but she only stopped respecting his doings a lot more. She felt like a miser most of the times. She wanted to sit him down and talk to him. She wanted to tell him how she felt when he called her a bitch instead of taking her name. She wanted to see him through her helplessness. She only wanted him to understand. She needed him to stop.

Agastha cried almost every day because there was nothing more she could actually do. Along with Abhinav, Shraddha also carried on with his plight. She began addressing Agastha with the same names Abhinav used and so did the rest of the grade.

One day at school Shraddha went on and on about how shameful Agastha could be to show up to school every single day despite the gruesome hatred she received and for a girl who slept with her uncle, showing no shame; she definitely deserved the insults she was getting. After hearing the unending speeches Shraddha spoke amongst the crowd; Agastha barged into her classroom and shut her up.

Surrounded by the enemy clan, Agastha all alone faced her fear. She had never spoken to anyone in a tone so loud before but decided it’s high time she did. She spoke “Shraddha how holy a person are you? Considering the previous boyfriend you ditched for Abhinav; and being a girl yourself, the illness you mouthed didn’t quite suit you persona. I’m openly challenging you to ruin me to the ashes and prove your point of being loyal to Abhinav; I don’t see your future any bright to be honest. Calling yourself as dignified makes no sense to me because you shelter yourself in his wings while I shield my own-self proudly. Also please ask your not-so-man-enough boyfriend to keep off my back because this time I’m going to retaliate and it’s going to equal to whatever he was going to do. Watch out Duck-Face”. Agastha walked out of the room with her head high. She spoke out loud and it made her feel so much good.

Fiery as she could be, Agastha conveyed her message clearly in front of so many people, that some of them actually pat her on the back for her spirit. Not everyone out there enjoyed the torment she was put through.That was one step up for Agastha and two steps down for Shraddha. Agastha only hoped Shraddha realised that.

Agastha cried within but this time she decided not to allow anyone to get to the inside of her soul. Enough damage was done and it was high time she stood for herself.Despite all these emotions, Agastha still wanted to talk to Abhinav. She still wanted to make everything alright. She wanted them to be okay.She only wanted this to end; even if it meant for them to walk separate ways.


-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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