Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 8

Finally school comes to an end. It’s their farewell. Agastha counted days desperately to reach there because she just didn’t want anymore of Abhinav! She wanted to get rid of him completely. She hated his nerves to the core. He tortured her for one reason – LOVE. She believed it would never change and she knew his guts. He could go to any extreme to avenge on someone. Right know it was her…

Despite the roller coaster, Agastha loved him and displayed her affection whenever needed. Her hearty desires comprised of the farewell which Abhinav and she would attend together as a couple. She wanted them to be the known as high-school sweethearts. Of course they were known by all, but as high school enemies.
Everyone was so engrossed in deciding what to wear, which colour to wear and all that jazz. And like a complete idiot, Agastha thought ‘what Abhinav would wear, what would he say and what would he do…’ horribly stupid of her! Helplessly, she was still in love with him.

In conversation with her friends, Agastha very boldly stated, “I want Abhinav to wear a Beige colour suit because everyone would be in black and it’s too common and he should look different. I want him to stand out in the crowd. And besides he would kind of match my saree…”
Her friends echoed, “Don’t bother about him. It doesn’t matter. It’s all over now.”

A little disheartened because she was not going to get what she hoped for, since she never got it all this while; she let go of her thought.
It’s the day of the farewell evening in the month of February. It was all going to finish. After this day, nothing would even exist. Agastha was draped in a golden and black transparent bling saree while her friends were draped in a red and blue sarees. Everyone accommodated themselves at the venue and it looked colourful. Each person dressed to sharpness. As much as everyone looked around to spot their friends, Agastha looked around to spot Abhinav.

One of her friends’ excitedly asks Agastha to turn around. Abhinav was walking in and in Beige suit! ‘Wow’ murmured Agastha. Looking over to her friends, “He made my day today. He actually came in a Beige suit.” She gladly spoke. She felt like someone asked him to do so. Not being able to spend the evening with him was upsetting but the fact that whatever she expected of him that evening came true, was reason enough for Agastha to be happy.
Agastha received quite a few compliments for the day but her attention was solely towards one person. She noticed an argument heating up between Abhinav and Shraddha. As happy as that made her to be, she didn’t want them to fight one bit; Not the last day of school atleast.

Shraddha looked furiously at Agastha grumbling away. Agastha knew for sure Shraddha didn’t catch her admiring Abhinav; so what more was left for the day to argue at this time! Ignoring the thought of that, Agastha focused on evening. Abhinav had a run for a spot price with a wallet in black. She smiled at his childish being but she also felt that that was what made him so special.

After the function in school, everyone was directed to an after party which was at the restaurant- Copper Chimney. Agastha entered with her friends spotting Shraddha and Abhinav walk about to the stairs and then suddenly all burst into laughter- Shraddha madam had tripped over her saree down the stairs!
‘She deserved it’ Agastha thought because of how nasty she behaved when they crossed at the salon earlier that evening.

Here is what happened… before the function, they had been to the salon. Agastha’s friend reached there before her and she very happily rang up Agastha asking her to hurry. There was wickedness in her laughter but maybe it was because of the excitement for the farewell. Little did Agastha know what lied ahead?

When she reached the salon, and rang the bell; she had a shocker right there.


And her friends laughed to glory.

Not knowing how to react, she walked straight in. All the girls carried on their chores of styling. Agastha saw Shraddha howl in pain while doing her eyebrows. It was such an artificial scream that at one point of time Agastha wanted to ask her to shut up!

Shraddha finished with her stuff soon and that brought some peace and quiet around. While she waited for her buddies to finish, she looked at Agastha making a face and passing nasty comments-one comment was, “She thinks she’s pretty… look at her hair and her face! That’s why Abhinav is with me now.”
Shraddha smirked.
Agastha was so mad when she heard that! She could punch Shraddha in the face but her friends caught her hand to keep her calm.

As soon as Shraddha walked out of the salon, Agastha burst out in anger.
“What The Fuck? Does she think she’s Lady Diana?!! Bitch.”

Agastha’s friends asked her to keep up the cool. These words didn’t matter.
So now when Shraddha tripped over her saree and fell to the floor, Agastha murmured, “Take that bitch”. She totally deserved it. Wearing a white saree with green leaves, she definitely thinks she’s a beauty and Abhinav is with her for that! Sarcasm made its way to words here!

Agastha knew so well that if things were erased and chances were given to make everything better, he’d leave Shraddha in a split second.


The party continued. Agastha had the attention of a lot of people for two reasons – some thought she looked very pretty and some just wanted a laughing stock to make their evening fun. The majority were for the second option but Agastha didn’t really care that evening.

She didn’t like the very sight of him and Shraddha together. She never wished for their bad but it hurt her to see them, it hurt because she could no longer stand beside him and flaunt around the love!

Just as these vague thoughts crossed her mind, someone made an announcement that they wanted Abhinav and Shraddha to dance on a song because they were the most dedicated couple around…

Surrounded with applauses; it pierced Agastha! Now she had to see them dance as well.

As Abhinav led Shraddha to the dance floor, his smile was flashy but gaze was stabbing. He looked at Agastha in the eye. His gaze spoke for him ‘yes you deserve this shit and I deserve this-I deserve Shraddha’. His hands wrapped around her waist and hers around his neck, they began dancing; dancing to the song “Underneath your clothes”, the song she thought she shared with him alone…


Agastha looked away. She couldn’t handle it. Tears were filling into her eyes. Slowly the crowd joined in and she stood there alone, not knowing what to possibly do. Just then one of his friends, Nish asked her to dance. After hesitating and denying, she gave in. After all he made one comment, “Please Agas; it’s not nice to say no to a guy”.

Agastha danced looking at Abhinav straight in the eye and so did he. It was weird but it was a mutual feeling! Maybe a feeling of helplessness that they felt… Maybe if they could, they let themselves loose to a world that had only both of them; just them dancing away to their special songs.


Unfortunate for Agastha, she was placed in a reality so cruel.

Soon after, she left.

The party carried on.


-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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