The famous – WADI KABIR roundabout

“Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places”

The nostalgia this picture brings cannot be diminished at any point in life by anyone who relates to it. Mostly known as The WADI KABIR roundabout, it’s actual name is AL MIJMAR. Not known to many but this roundabout was one of the oldest. Being 25 years of age and having seen this from the day I kept foot into this beautiful country I call home, it dates back to the 1980s.
This roundabout is a resemblance of frankincense reserves of Oman. It was one of the landmarks that made Oman a picturesque country. Be it old or young, it left a mark in everyone’s heart. Not only confined to the locals but also the expats were mesmerised by it.
The colourful flowers planted around it, added to its beauty. Plush green all around, the water fountains elevated it to the next level of beautiful. A home to birds, we’d watch cats and dogs call it their playground every morning. So it was not only us but the other faculty of Mother Nature that relished it too.
Living in Wadi Kabir, it was a treat to watch the roundabout everyday, be it on the way to school and back, or even to any road after the roundabout.
The day it was declared that this roundabout would seize to exist, it broke my heart and definitely the hearts of many others. Iconic as could be, we secretly hoped that the plans get changed.

Traffic was a major concern in that area but the roundabout was just too pretty to vanish.
It is a black hole when I look at that area now, covered in a flyover and some traffic signals. New tourists to the country wouldn’t know the importance of that roundabout but they surely have missed out something absolutely delightful.
This photograph is one memory I have in my closet and forever shall remain.
-Adelene Coelho

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