The boy who fell in love with a kiss 

Amidst the regular Monday blues,

Reading the times,my daily news,

I see a boy across a rusty desk,

Fossilising a thought in a space grotesque.

In a scurry he waved a hand at me,

His toned body was sharp, you have to agree,

I responded with a confused smile,

Cheery he stumbled down the aisle.

The office intercom received a ping,

His status read ‘with a deadly sting’,

I laughed at the cheesy line I saw,

Yet was attracted by natures law.

We saw messages flow in and out,

From intercoms to mobiles up and about,

A cup of coffee once in a while,

I sigh more often than giving out a smile.

Finally the unspoken silence was broken,

His offer was on his palm left open,

A kiss was all he asked me for,

My mind and heart were like colonies at war.

Unexpectedly I said I will give it a thought,

For he liked me dearly but his roots were distraught,

Not having any hopes I said okay,

Thinking we’re tough, we met at the lonely hallway.

Walking around without uttering a word,

He took courage, breathed and stirred,

Folding his arms around my waist,

Pulling into a kiss, my nerves were embraced.

‘Heaven’ is what screamed inside my head,

That kiss caught our skin flushed in savage red,

When we withdrew, we could only sigh,

It was one of our best and will be till we die.

For days we never spoke again,

Only some glances were enough to complain,

We needed some more of that sweet memory,

Too bad he asked for a ‘one-time-we-can-ever-be’.

At last he directed me to a cornered wall,

He told me his griefs – he told me all,

He confessed his love for me right there,

They say sorrow dwells everywhere!

I denied my feelings and disagreed to his,

That kiss was the only real biz,

He asked for it and hoped it’ll be only this,

And now he’s the boy in love with a kiss!


-Adelene Coelho

About Adelene Dsilvahttps://adelenecoelho.wordpress.comIf you are in love with a writer, You will always live in their words.

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