The word in itself is so serious
That We cannot hide from it today
But does it only pertain to a virus
Or can we look the other way?

Corona is created in recent times
And we are so struck by it that we are out of bounds
But what about the existing crimes
In reality that cover larger grounds.

From not wanting a girl child
To the rapes that are being done
Its like the lion and the Virgin in the wild
It can happen to be just about anyone.

Hate crimes are committed at large
Either for money,  race or religion or pride
Who is really going to be in charge
A gentle question that simply cannot hide.

Poverty has been lingering ever since mankind existed
Hunger is also a vast part not yet unfurled
Yet everything is so fiercely twisted
And no one address these in the world.

So call it your ignorance or lack of awareness
It can be stupidity or even over smartness
Its a stigma that no longer scares us
Cause we don’t see the actual tartness.

The pandemic is a chance to realise and change
Not only improvise medicine but also the mind
To look up and draw a new range
Of a better world forward leaving nothing behind.

-Adelene (coelho) Dsilva

Being Positive

Its amazing how one word has so many definitions
Languages have made it so happen
That Interpreting a word in many premonitions
Is now a regular trend in dappen.

The word positive can be of so many meaning
It can emphasise a phrase, a word, or your state,
Of mind, heart and soul simply streaming
Emotions that run into your slate.

Once a upon a time your blood group defined it
Associating the positivity alongside
Nowadays its not even close to fit
Yet you’ve got to be immensely satisfied.

Its a kind of hope we are dwelling in today
Yet it is a frenzy we are living in as well
Though its funny honey in this highway
We’re no less than scarecrows swell.

Trending of late is the coronavirus mind
Amongst other things one knows of
Long forgotten is the positive bind
As now people Shriek even at your cough.

Scary is now the new positive
The word in itself has become a distress
One can mistakenly also not say positive
Let alone being positive will be a mess.

-Adelene (coelho) Dsilva

Living in a pandemic

We never thought we would experience it
An unknown world that has opened its doors
Here we are figuring how to fit
In to these not so friendly floors.

Restricted access to everything around
Ceasing the movements we make
Open skies and empty roads now surround
Helplessly we admire this flake.

Normalcy has a new meaning now
Not sure how long it will persist
Face masks and gloves are the new know-how
Sanitisers are wholly insist.

Children have nowhere to go,
No school or playground or park
Life seems to have become slow
We’re no more living in the dark.

No one had even a slight notion
Of what this pandemic could even be
Yet everyone is in sync and motion
Helping one another to survive thee.

Personally, its an experience of a life time
It has taught us to be more cautious and kind
Bringing us closer in a similar chime
We have learned to respect each others bind.

-Adelene (coelho) Dsilva

Bruce Goran Dsilva

At 9.28 hours I heard a small cry
All my joys reached the sky
As you were held up for me to see
Trying to stretch your arms for now you’re free!

Identical looks to your father
Beth now has a little brother
With your tiny little feet
Our small world is now complete.

Big black eyes and a small little nose
With Long fingers and long toes
There you were cooing
As I held you close to me shushing.

Your father was filled with joy
You’re just your dad’s boy
As he carried you in his arms
You wooed him with your sweet charms.

Beth was puzzled on your arrival
She thought of you as a little rival
Trying to make herself blend in again
She reminds us that she’s the main.

You’re the piece of puzzle that fit
With all grace we’re welcoming it
Gods blessing wrapped in one
Bruce Goran Dsilva – our son.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Born in the pandemic

Its a mess out here
You’re sure to be safer inside the womb
Unfortunately you can’t stay forever there
So our home has now become our tomb.

We’re not allowed to go out
Nor can we even celebrate your arrival
Everything is just up and about
And yet everything depends on sole survival.

“Its a tough world you see”
Now those words make more sense
We’re battling a virus and we can’t even flee
We’re just caught up in this present tense.

How glad I am to have you in my arms
You make my family complete now
But I’m sorry I can’t show the world your charms
Neither can I show them how sweet art thou.

You might hear us say, “its not at all nice”
And also, “how long will all of this avail”
Just be rest assured we will suffice
For one another till our breath will prevail.

You will see all the good things soon
Its only a matter of precious time
The bad will have to give up its boon
Once everyone’s prayers are united in chime.

Someday you will hear about this year again
And maybe even learn more of it too
Only remember its never a bargain
And we did everything to make it nice to for you.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Materialistic World

It’s a world full of greed

Everything must be obtained beyond measure

Its hard to find a good deed

Without selfish payment as pleasure.

The latest technology defines you

And the latest motor does come forth

A diamond as big as the shoe

Determines your entire worth.

We cannot see any flowers as such

Nor is there a home cooked dinner date

The conversations are not so much

But the display of items is an enticing bait.

The length of sentences has no end

The words can be used and twisted in

To please the anxious people is a trend

The customs are passed on to the kin.

Of course, it is a materialistic world

Is there a change you can bring?

In a dreary slipping path whirled

Can you freshen your hearts without the sting?

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

Two Faced

So, there you are smiling away

As if you did nothing at all

Innocence is your key to sway

Its not long before you take the fall.

I have no idea how you sleep at night

Do you have haunting dreams as such?

Or is it very peaceful and very bright

Like you think of yourself, too much?

Vengeance is what runs in your blood

Deny it as much as you like

Your sweet talk is like an ocean of mud

Yet you don’t know the right time to strike.

You have two faces as everyone around can see

Its what you show us and is what is true

Sadly, you think you’re just as whimsical and free

But in real you’re a goblin in blue.

Jealousy and Insecurity are your traits

We know because its depicted alright

You try to be legendary and run your pace,

Trust me, you’re failing in simple black and white.

You should stop as soon as you can

Before this takes up all your life

Repent in true honesty, be a man!

Before Karma decides to be your lawful wed wife.

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

Baby Mama

Its that time of the year again

Bumped up with baby number two

Like a second shower of the rain

I’m getting closer and closer to you.

The jitters are somewhat the same

As of course you’re just like your older sis

Only maybe the taste buds have another aim

Its an unending sort of bliss.

I have a 1 year old on my arm,

And tiny one inside of me

Life has its own charm

I’m just in awe and in love with thee.

I am nervous about your arrival,

I need to stay strong; I have to!

I think we’ll have our own little bible

With God’s blessing in it for you.

I am as excited as can be,

It’s a new chapter in my book

I hope you can feel the jittering inside me

I’m sure you’re getting a better look.

I am a baby mama now,

I am really very happy

I can’t really take a bow

My tummy is in the way, oh snappy!

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

Your First Walk

Awaiting the day for you to walk,

Counting it at times,

But who are we to really talk,

It all happens in silent chimes.

There you go, you stand up taking the first step

Falling to the ground trying to balance

You stand up again zooming off, Yep!

Its turned into a game of challenge.

Laughing away and dodging us,

So we wouldn’t have to catch you if you fall,

Oh how we make a little fuss

We don’t want you to be humpty dumpty and all.

With a lot of determination from you,

A little more caution from us,

You’re now zooming the house through

Your charisma is our vitamin plus.

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

Silence a Bygone

Do you think it’s our mistake?

If we are silent about everything,

Or do you think we could have our stake,

If we spoke out our mind about anything?

If we didn’t express anger or rage,

Or we didn’t express love and passion,

Wouldn’t we be on the foolish page,

And life be carried on in the same fashion.

Instead of living in world of regret,

Which can be contradicting as well,

Should we allow ourselves to beget

In this world that runs parallel.

Do you think we need to speak our mind?

Or we should remain silent only,

Do you think it will leave our virtue behind?

And we will be left either happy or lonely?

Yeah, we need to verify the circumstance,

Before we decide if our tongue speaks or not,

Life is a fiddler, we must take the chance,

It’ll be a good or bad lesson, that we’re taught.

So what is it that you plan to do?

Wait for the right time and just tread on,

I bequeath a happy peace to you,

Just for you, silence is like death, a bygone.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Unravel in Disgust

There he was hovering around a woman

Scanning her body head to toe

Stuck his eyes at her bosom

Quivering, he wanted it so.

Followed her everywhere through the store

Pretending to shop when she looked at him furious

He kept doing it all the more

That’s it! She stood in front of him pretty serious.

‘Haven’t you seen a woman before?

Did you get a good look?’ she asked

He didn’t know how to get out of the store

She took him up to a task.  

“ I was not looking at you” he swore

He didn’t have the slightest shame,

He glanced at her head to toe once more

This time, touching his penis in mighty acclaim!

“How about you touch yourself more?

Maybe you’re still fired up down there?

Let’s have the police help you score,

Just once fair and square!”

He denied looking at her again,

This time he took an oath on his mother

Gosh, such a filthy bloody bargain,

He crucified her to the dirt filled gutter.

 He had no courtesy to apologize,

Instead his friend asked him to be more careful

She walked off with anger in her eyes

In desperate urge, he was not fearful.

As the security witnessed the sight

No one had any action done

And again she saw him eye another woman in might

He unravels in disgust under the same sun.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

How was your day?

Hello there! Do you read me?

Are you happy today?

Can you dance around in glee?

Or do you choose not to say?

Well, I hope you can lay down peaceful

And probably sip on a glass of wine

The medicine is embedded in people

Close to you, frank and fine.

Is your workplace easy going

Or is it a mess with horrible bosses

I’m on an errant path unknowing

Just conversing as we may have the same losses.

Maybe you could cook some dinner,

Or catch up on the movie you’ve long awaited on,

Make yourself feel like the winner

Get your game face on.

How about a romantic night,

Candle light or a beach walk,

Lulled in floral delight

Wrapped in sweet talk?

Ah, I am just listing possibilities

Who am I to say

So just grab all of your opportunities,

So really, how was your day ?

-Adelene Dsilva(Coelho)

12 years

Its 12 long years since the first jitters

I’ve had when a boy held my hand

As sharply as I recall the letters

Of his name, it’s like time’s got a magic wand.

They say the first time is worth it

Always stays etched in ones heart

I guess my brain cant erase this bit

It’s etched into the memory like some art.

At times I drift off and recall the moments

They were so blissful and full of love

And mixed with so many other components

Simplicity just follows the above.

I could still go so weak in the knees

If I see him and his charming smile

It’s like the roots of the ancient trees

We go back together every mile.

Through the good and bad, up and down

We’ve been there and done that, almost

We’re the rebels with the dainty crown

We’ll probably stay the same even as ghosts.

12 years and still powering through

There are some things I wish I had done

I dont think there’ll ever be an end to you

It’s always going to be where we first begun.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

Strangers in the room

Do we know each other at all ?

I’m starting to doubt it now

‘Cause I am the one taking the fall,

When in reality we both took the vow.

I look towards you in earnest hope

Trying to catch your gaze,

But my mind screams of no scope

No way to get out of this maze.

You dont connect to mind heart anymore

I dont see your emotion towards me

I want to walk out of the damn door

I don’t know why I’m tied down to thee.

We dont speak at all these days

Not even feel the presence there

My eyes wonder but tongue fails to praise

The unending sorrow that dwells everywhere.

I have a responsibility to our daughter

I cannot allow myself to let her down

But is fair to swim in drowning water

And make her wear my shallow crown?

Unhappy is the milestone we have reached

And this goal was never listed in our vows

This distance now cannot be breached

We’re strangers in the same room as love allows.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)

To my Daughter – Beth

You’re as beautiful as a pearl

You’re the best I ever could get

You’re the perfect flower unfurl

You’re my blessing met.

I need you to be as brave as you can be

To face all difficulties with a smile

Remember nothing is beyond thee,

Lord almighty to help you walk each mile.

Never think too little of yourself

Always know you are precious than everything

Never determine your life on the shelf

Hold your world on a shiny string.

No one can ever judge you around

And no one can decide who you want to be

As long as you’re right, stand your ground

Be humble and let your spirit free.

Dont ever look down on the poor

And dont bow down to the rich

Leave their soul happier than before

It doesn’t matter you encounter which.

Lastly, you need to stand strong and stand tall

Keep your head up in the clouds,

Remember to never take a wrongful call

And always know I’ll be your fairy in every crowd.

-Adelene Dsilva (Coelho)