They Can’t

They can’t be friends

They can’t be lovers

They can only measure ends

They warm thy covers.

They met at a social dating site

Became good friends in no time

From early morning to late good night

They transformed to be each others crime.

Borrowing the stories of the miserable past

Laughter through whining roared as they spoke

And the heavier repentance was saved for the last

Not sure if it was their love or lust that had the smoke.

Sharing the same long cloak each day

Comfort lied in the touch of their skin

Invisible to the hazards caused by their stay

One slit was enough to let adultery in.

Dinners were turned to breakfast often

And a staycation was also destined at times

Their hearts were locked up inside a coffin

Because now their minds tuned to all the signs.

Be it a sneaky lil kiss or a long make out session

His house or hers, a motel and hotel were an option

Without excusing the warmth of his expression

They’d soon see the face of destruction.

Suddenly it hit them that this is not what it is

It’s only much more than sheer lust now

Her heart was just as sad as his

Yet lips were sealed because their tongues did vow.

Knowing the obvious but stating the dumb

They continued to be each other’s romance

Their heart beats Like a madman on the drums,

Thickening as they realising they don’t have a chance.

They can’t be friends

They cannot be lovers

They can only measure ends

They still warm the covers.

-Adelene Coelho


The glory of the last stolen moment,

And the wreckage of the same,

Still awaits your unneeded comment

That defines single nature’s double name.

No visible scars to the human eye

Yet the human heart can sense it well

All that was said previously is a lie

The worlds large spaces run parallel.

A constant tear between me and myself

To either improve or destroy my being

‘Cause history doesn’t fail to repeat itself,

But, if only the pride of our seeing.

I am a wreck just like you

I accept it as openly as can be

I am a witness to the exhumed few

Unknown worth has no loss in thee.

Graciously I fall like a glass building that breaks

Or as proud as the mighty ship that sinks

The pain touches the flesh, thus the soul awakes

I come out stronger like the lightning that stinks!

Solemnly I state, I make a beautiful wreck

Doesn’t matter what you think so

Feels like I have a hand instead of a deck

Yet I stay in secret, this you know, I know!

-Adelene Coelho

Jailed Lovers

Every year there’d be a grand carnival,

Held at a prison in Dallas,

It was a typical religious festival,

Where the prison was decorated like a palace. 

Once a year, only for five days,

The barricades were off regardless of the gender,

And that’s when a lover’s eye met their gaze,

Giving a love so warm and tender. 

On day one they were organising the decor,

Together being the responsible one, 

From self introduction to smiles rolling on the floor,

They hailed as two distinct but were divided by none.

Day two got them closer than the first,

They had already learnt about each other’s lives,

It didn’t matter whose crime ranked worst,

Their love was sharper than all the knives.

His hobby ranged between drink and dance,

While hers was more to cook and sing,

They knocked at fate and took a chance,

The chords of laughter now had strings.

At the lunch table, whispers would hear,

About the two having an affair,

Some mouths envious and some with cheer,

Those two prisoners didn’t care! 

Day three had costume rehearsals for all,

Every one played a role in the grand play,

The love birds were obeying each other’s call,

Complimenting and kissing, driving the time away.

They’d hold hands and walk around,

Even the guards were happy to see,

That love bloomed and t’was found,

In this prison as illegal as it may be.

Day four was a leisure given to everybody,

Chitter chatter was louder than usual,

The two spoke like there’s nobody,

That day ended in their superficial visual.

The final day had now arrived,

The last time they might get to see each other,

Doubtful if they say, “yeah we survived!”

They had to find a way to be together. 

As the carnival had begun,

The guest of honour was the state chief,

With Fun and frolic beneath the beautiful sun,

The inmates left behind their eyes of grief. 

The final showdown had a play,

Showcasing the stories of some prisoners,

While one portrayed the gangs astray,

The other mend the hearts of million listeners.

Amidst the jamboree gathered there,

The crowd was gushed into a silence,

And then a plea was heard somewhere,

When a face showed up in confidence.

He said he loved her and wanted to be with her

For the rest of his life, from this day forward,

She stared teary eyed but didn’t stir,

He went down on one knee leading the gaze onward.

He proposed his life to be at her feet,

If she denied he may not live longer,

He had surfaced his time in prison street,

Only her love could now make him stronger.

In a heart beat she said yes!

She didn’t know how she could live without him,

Alas her love she did confess,

She kissed him till she filled the brim.

The inmates grew a loud roar,

They clapped and cheered them on,

No one saw the prisoners in them anymore,

The hatred was long gone!

The chief ordered an inmate wedding,

And he asked them to take oath before God,

He made sure to know where they’re heading,

He pledged to the court that regarded this odd.

He stood as guarantor for these two,

For, for the first time love blossomed in a prison,

They were transformed into souls anew,

A star had set and a star had risen.

Today they have a beautiful family,

Kids are married off and grandchildren visit,

His name is John and hers Emily,

Prison walls have the names engraved in it.

Unfortunately they were not allowed to leave,

Their crimes had come in between,

But having served more than 10 years up their sleeve,

The prison had seen a signal – Green!

They were granted permission to live in peace,

With one another once they marry,

They bid the abhor barricades cease,

That prison is now a love sanctuary.

-Adelene Coelho

Burnt yet Living

Hats off to the woman disfigured with burns.

She has fought back undying

Acid or fire whatever the hell t’was

Head to toe, even her fingers are scarred.

I see her everyday travel in the metro

Full of people jotting thoughts when they see her.

I am also one among them

Always thinking what the reason could be. 

But when I see her blazing spirit

I’m consumed by her coloured humbleness

There is no anger or distress on her face

Not that we could see any physically.

She wears a discoloured smile like her crown 

And moves forward dignified

She’s just like any other girl

In love , with friends and a spiteful family.

Yet here she is as differential as you and me

But with Forgiveness distributed all around

She listens to rock and is sharply dressed

She also tells jokes and hums songs!

Does it occur to anyone at all?

That acts like these invite more power

Women come out stronger than before

Bruising the ego of those who harmed her.

In a country of billion people

I should feel safe and sound

But when I see her, I’m only reminded 

We plant more thorns throughout.

I cannot imagine being in her place,

I might probably not even survive

Those women who have no faith in humanity now

Need to look up-to her as an example of Dunkirk spirit.

Sometimes I try to envision her real face 

She would have been a pretty one

Disgrace to our community for destroying it

They failed miserably in taking out one more soul.

Hats off to the woman scarred in burns

She is just like you and me

We need to learn to be affirmative and meek

It’s a monumental world out there we have to grace.
-Adelene Coelho 

The boy who fell in love with a kiss 

Amidst the regular Monday blues,

Reading the times,my daily news,

I see a boy across a rusty desk,

Fossilising a thought in a space grotesque.

In a scurry he waved a hand at me,

His toned body was sharp, you have to agree,

I responded with a confused smile,

Cheery he stumbled down the aisle.

The office intercom received a ping,

His status read ‘with a deadly sting’,

I laughed at the cheesy line I saw,

Yet was attracted by natures law.

We saw messages flow in and out,

From intercoms to mobiles up and about,

A cup of coffee once in a while,

I sigh more often than giving out a smile.

Finally the unspoken silence was broken,

His offer was on his palm left open,

A kiss was all he asked me for,

My mind and heart were like colonies at war.

Unexpectedly I said I will give it a thought,

For he liked me dearly but his roots were distraught,

Not having any hopes I said okay,

Thinking we’re tough, we met at the lonely hallway.

Walking around without uttering a word,

He took courage, breathed and stirred,

Folding his arms around my waist,

Pulling into a kiss, my nerves were embraced.

‘Heaven’ is what screamed inside my head,

That kiss caught our skin flushed in savage red,

When we withdrew, we could only sigh,

It was one of our best and will be till we die.

For days we never spoke again,

Only some glances were enough to complain,

We needed some more of that sweet memory,

Too bad he asked for a ‘one-time-we-can-ever-be’.

At last he directed me to a cornered wall,

He told me his griefs – he told me all,

He confessed his love for me right there,

They say sorrow dwells everywhere!

I denied my feelings and disagreed to his,

That kiss was the only real biz,

He asked for it and hoped it’ll be only this,

And now he’s the boy in love with a kiss!


-Adelene Coelho

My Bucket List!

It begins with getting on a plane to London

Walking the streets, my dreams can’t be undone,

And then to go bungee jumping in New Zealand

Trying to make my name in the Northern Island.

I want to visit the seven wonders of the world

Because among the stones, they are pearled,

Be it the Taj Mahal, or Colosseum with extensive view,

I wish to survey all of them from China To Peru.

Take a scuba diving class and swim with the sharks

Go sky diving where the horizon leaves marks

Quad biking in the desert with camel races,

I’m storming my brain with these ultimate chases.

The pyramid of Giza and hanging gardens of Babylon,

The light of Alexandria only says my travel is on,

Crumbled in a fernweh, I have to head out

To join the fortune of travelling about.

From Hawaii to the massive Victoria Falls,

The northern lights of Iceland make the calls,

And then live in the Bora Bora water bungalow,

Do you feel my vibe? I’m letting it flow!

From the hot bright sun of the Middle East,

The desert sands and falconry are a feast,

To the Cold, sharp, melting glaciers of Antarctic,

It’s an open road from Australia to Artic.

-Adelene Coelho


“Hello? Can you hear me?

I’m trapped in here!”

No one heeds my plea

No one’s anywhere near.

The walls are mounted so high

I cannot even climb them down

Each night just rides by

I’m still wearing a thorns’ crown.

Does my voice reach your ears?

Can you listen to what I speak ?

Again I only melt into tears

Smothered in errors, feeble and weak.

I watch the world move on outside,

My days pass by in solitude

I’m dying everyday on the inside

Yet breathing on hope to be renewed.

Each day is so familiar

I’m stepping into the same hallway

Unwashed and quite peculiar

I stroll around planning to run-away.

There’s suicidal in my eyes

As they blink endlessly all day

I watch as my soul gently dies

Trapped is how I’ll have to stay.

-Adelene Coelho