Is there something you both connect to

It can be anything that you both strike

For all you have or both can do

A line more circular and/or alike.

Does it feel more like home base

When you can see each other around

And then it’s a mere funeral place

When all you both do is whisper to the ground

Do you both enjoy munching on chips

Or drinking shots till the night gets old

Dancing to flavoured music bumping hips

Sullen, bowed and Sharing the silly mould.

Have you ever tried to Bungy jump

Or gone for a sky dive instead

It’s exactly how you say you’re stump,

When you realise the other one is really dead.

So do you still connect to something at all?

Anything you feel or see or hear,

Sometimes it takes an obeyed call,

To escape this swoon of fear. 

If it’s pacing in your head every now and then

Either one of you needs to give it a go

Better to have one common pyramid than ten

If you cannot tell now, none will ever know.

-Adelene Coelho

Some where in the corners of my world

You’ve left a mark I cannot hide

You can see it when my eyes unfurl

With the sadness of not being on your side.
We know it’s been a real roller coaster 

Sometimes you’re in the front seat and sometimes I

We’re just a day older and one step closer

Sitting in chairs un-companionably nigh. 
When you look at me with unspoken words

I can sense all that you’d want to say

Today is all about wondrous scope affords

Love is what remains yet cast away.
A closeness, a concern, a patience and emotion

We have a heart but always is broken

A fear, an attachment, A wish and deeds

 We’re bandits: this is all of our needs!
-Adelene Coelho

First Kiss

Oh how I remember so well

The kiss that owned me back then

The past where the memory does dwell

Kissing the omen; oh Amen!

A nervous wreck I were at the time

When he closed in leaving no space 

To present a pure unstained prime,

His lips touched mine in sheer grace.

A tingling feeling ran down my spine

I didn’t want to stop yet felt I should

Much more passion on his side than mine

I’ll be damned, it was that good!

His arms folded around me in grip

I sensed his breath in mine

As he moved from the bottom to the top lip

Never wondered but it was just fine.

A peck on the cheek numerous times

And swift brushing against the neck

Clenched in a poets unending rhymes

The winds whistled right at the deck.

The kiss was short, and sweetly wrapped 

The passion flew through our souls

Every kiss gets us trapped

Extended far beyond controls.
-Adelene Coelho

I know … But … 

I know I keep talking when you’re around

It can be a lot to really hear

But you have patience in full surround

And listen to me in all ear.

I know you look at me in a different way

I know it cause I can sense well

But I don’t know if this would stay

Well, only time will tell.

I know you care more than many

I know ’cause I can see

But are you really the greatest of any?

To captivate your own heart and set it free.

I know you can wait for me for hours

I know cause I’ve made you do so

But without any complaints and only flowers

You come as a fragrance and in a jiffy have to go.

I know you are always there for me

I know cause I have seen you

But in my darkness you never knit up a fee

Instead you create me new!

I know you keep track of my likes

I know cause you’ve even noted the opposite too

But didn’t you even find the moment strikes?

To stop me from making myself into a stew?

I know you’re as nice as can be

I know cause I’ve been a part of it

But didn’t you think it’s enough of the whining me

Couldn’t you really just admit?

I know we’re friends and it’ll forever remain

I know cause it’s what we are going through

But can we make it here again

Then next time after this life we bid adieu.

-Adelene Coelho

The KNOW-IT-ALL type

This is what do you do when you know someone,

Who thinks they’re well versed with the world,

Shake it and shimmy it to have some fun,

Cause now they’re going to have it all unfurled.

They need to have a name tag before they speak,

So most of us get well prepared for the next,

‘Silence now!’, our minds do shriek,

Showing ’em their future is now going to be vexed.

They know the facts but choose to live in a trivia

And their brain consists of useless information

It’s like claiming to own the west Bolivia

With the important knowledge hidden from the nation.

“Watch out we got a smart ass over here” we smirk

When we interact with our fellow beings at times,

Be it at home, the park or mostly at work,

It’s never worth any dollars, nickels or dimes.

There are many “know-it-all” that we already know,

With an Ambition to have all the answers,

That lingers at the tip of their tongue in flow,

Swaying like professional dancers.

They are more of a department all in all,

With the daintiest prescriptions out there,

They go up the ladder and down the wall,

Yet they don’t understand we barely care!

-Adelene Coelho


Let’s stand up, dress tall and get into the car,

Fasten the seat belts and head to the bar

Where we can drink away into the night

And talk about our cruise till daylight.

From school to college, it’s been super fun

With the merry plays that drops when we’re done,

Being studious when the exams’ around corner

And in those days the ultimate mourner.

Falling in love was so puppy like ever

And Heartbreaks replayed “cry me a river”

Some true love calls and some rebound moves

We broke records with our cool grooves.

A bunch of us are an inspirational troupe

While some of us get into a corporate group

And the rest go out to breaking stereotypes

Balling right there into the hype.

We know one and we’ve also known all

The best buddy is still our happy call

It gives us pride to see the others

No more hiding beneath the covers.

We walk alone searching our way

Like blazed meteors trying to be gay

Walking through the shiny sun

Either a remedy or just none.

Looking back to the days we were small

It didn’t hurt even after a fall

Today we’re a little out of place

Yet we don’t let lose of face.

The winds come and winds go

And then there’s moon, sun, skies and snow

We laugh away at the country side trips

And sometimes freeze in total eclipse.

Eating away into our favourite food

Tackling Diversions from going nude

Trade marking each smile we share

We all have distinct voyages to declare.

Tomorrow has so much more than we know

You gotta have the grace to grace your own show

Lined with many more discoveries to tell

Our journey has charm like that of a gazelle.

-Adelene Coelho

Ghosts in our head

There’s a goblin at my window

And a monster by my door

There’s a light in my pillow

Yet I stepped on the floor.

I can see some one pedal

And the moon is as full

While the Olympian swings the medal

The ghosts’ take a stronger pull.

Into the time machine i sit poised

It’s turns and swirls till it stops right there

Where the city is still as noised

And the decay is every where!

Sometimes I know I’ve seen it happen

Sometimes I think I’m just in imagination

Like the sound of one hand clappin’

It’s no pleasure to know I’m in hallucination.

The tape unwinds and unfolds my being

A question about myself is on the line

But no help comes to agreeing

Maybe I could have altered my design.

There’s a lot of noise I can hear

And many doors I’ve slammed in ease

It has lasted me many and many a year

None but slight things do lightly please.

I cannot run away and I cannot hide

The ghosts keep coming back

So I just hop on to their side

Ready secretly for their next attack.

“Get out” I scream all the time

And wonder what to end

I’m the burden of my own crime

There are ghosts in our head my friend.

-Adelene Coelho

Bro – Code

As realistic as the heading, “bro-code” is something we often hear now days. In simple language it means – never date your friends’ girlfriend! and vice-versa.

Its a serious offense – I’m guessing? The hype about this bro-code is so huge that now it has become more of a stereo type vision among the youth.

I hear people say – never date your friends’ girlfriend ever!

And i want to ask WHY?

the common response i receive is, it spoils the friendship!

And again I want to ask HOW?

this is when i get the most expected answer – it is not right to date your friends’ girlfriend. and vice – versa because they’re officially categorized as “EXs”.

And again I want to ask WHO ARE YOU TO COMMAND?

I never hear anyone stop to think that maybe the “ex” you refer to as your own horrible past can be someone’s beautiful future ahead. Immaterial of the fact that you are best friends or childhood friends or simply just friends; you should appreciate the good that could possibly be coming to your friend.

Sometimes two people immersed in love can never have the equation needed to fulfill a marriage. But maybe one of them does share an equation with a fellow friend that does fulfill the graces of marriage and further.

Your ego need not be satisfied by humiliation of the opposite. Never has it been written anywhere that if the road was rocky with you, it’ll be as worse to go with the other.

Did you ever stop to think that because of this so called “bro code” delusion, there are some people who never have had the chance to make their life as beautiful as yours. They decided to choose you over their feelings because you mattered as a friend, but, what did you do?

You chose yourself over your friend’s feelings!

Isn’t that rude and selfish and stupidity?

Why do we live in a world that seizes to exist? Why are we only surrounded with revenge, anguish and hatred?

Why cannot we just ease ourselves above this nuisance and let people love easy.

“if everyone thought as you did, there’d be more peace in the world today” quoted my friend when I told her how I thought.

Is it the same with you?

-Adelene Coelho